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Welcome to this tutorial on how to write blogs using AI. Blog writing is very important if you want to reach and connect with more people online. AI can help you write blogs faster and better. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use AI to improve your blog writing skills. This tutorials mainly focused on writing blogs in WordPress, however the methodology of creating content is same for any blogging platform. Let’s get started.

Prerequisites :

  1. Basic knowledge of creating blogs. Here we are using WordPress to create Blogs , if you want to learn how to create WordPress website , contact us through email eliteskillup@gmail.com we are ready to guide you for free.
  2. Basic knowledge on how to use ChatGpt .
  3. Need to install the AIPRM extension for chrome.

Once you installed AIPRM extension , the chatGPT looks like as shown below.

AIPRM is like cheat codes for ChatGPT prompts, for example, if you want to know something from chatGPT you have to give a prompt, for accurate output you have to give a perfect prompt which is very difficult, to solve this we have AIPRM which consists of predefined prompts templates which help us to save time on searching for different prompts, to know more about AIPRM – Click here

Step 1 : Choose the Blog title or Topic

Your blog title is very important for making a good impression and attracting more readers. You have to write a title that is catchy and clear, and that matches what people are searching for online.

You have to choose your topics, I prefer to research a topic that is trendy and which attains more traffic, you can use AI to get these topics as well, I prefer Google Bard and Bing Copilot to get trendy topics.

Here are the top 10 trending topis for blogs which i got from Google Bard :

Current Events & Social Issues:

  1. Future of work in the AI age
  2. Climate change solutions & sustainability
  3. Mental health awareness & coping strategies
  4. Social justice movements & policy changes
  5. Political developments & global impact

Personal Development & Self-Improvement:

  1. Productivity hacks & time management tips
  2. Business startup advice & success stories
  3. Career advancement strategies & networking skills
  4. Financial literacy & wealth management techniques
  5. Personal branding & building a strong online presence

Lifestyle & Entertainment:

  1. Travel adventures & off-the-beaten-path destinations
  2. Sustainable living practices & eco-friendly choices
  3. Fashion trends & personal style inspiration
  4. Beauty routines & skincare tips
  5. Delicious recipes & budget-friendly cooking ideas

Technology & Gadgets:

  1. Latest tech trends & gadget reviews
  2. Gaming insights & new release previews
  3. Virtual reality & augmented reality applications
  4. Cybersecurity awareness & data protection tips
  5. Social media trends & marketing strategies

Bonus Tips:

  • Research your target audience to tailor content.
  • Use high-quality visuals and engaging headlines.
  • Optimize for search engines with relevant keywords.
  • Promote your blog actively on social media and relevant communities.
  • Interact with readers and build a loyal following.

Choose a topic and move on to next step

Step 2 : Generate Content

You can choose any topics you personally preferred , for this tutorial i choose “Blogging” :

In chatGPT AIPRM choose:
1. Choose PUBLIC
2. Topic: SEO, remaining others as Default, you can refer to the image below
3. You can choose any prompts, here I choose Human Written | 100% Unique | SEO Optimized Article.

you can give either a topic name or a blog title

press Enter once you entered a topic or title
It will give all necessary content for blogging related to the topic that you have chosen as shown below.

In the Above picture you can find some lines, but there are many lines once you scroll down. i will create the blog from the above content for your reference. Click here to visit the blog created using AI.

Step 3 : Generate Keywords

Again open chatGPT AIPRM
Now choose Activity : Keywords as shown below, choose any prompt you like , here i choose keyword Generator

Give some keywords related to your topic, here I am giving: blog, ai, tutorial, etc.., below are the keywords given by ChatGpt

you can use this keywords for ranking.

Conclusion :

The above Blog helps to get content using AI , but not focused on creating blogs from scratch . if you want to create blogs feel free to contact us.